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Swann Direct is a distributor for the Ancon range of products. Please contact a member of our Sales team for all your Ancon requirements.


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We offer products in the following categories; Channel and Bolt Fixings, Insulated Balcony Connectors, Lintels, Masonry Reinforcement, Sections and Flooring, Shear Load Connectors, Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings and Wire Balloons.

CE Marking – Construction products which fall within the scope of a harmonised European Standard must carry CE marking before they can legally be sold in the European Economic Area. Ancon complies with all requirements of this legislations and our website identifies the products affected.

Wall Ties and Restraint Fixings

Wall ties and restraint fixings are an essential element in the stability of masonry panels.

Ancon manufactures fixings in a variety of lengths and types for restraining brickwork, blockwork and stonework. The Staifix range of wall ties includes solutions for all types of masonry construction including traditional brick-to-block, thin joint blockwork and timber frames.

Masonry Support

Brick, block or stone cladding on steel or concrete framed structures is normally supported by stainless steel masonry support systems.

Frame type, differential movement, type of cladding, masonry load and cavity width all need to be considered when selecting the most appropriate fixing solution.

Bracket Angle Support

AnconOptima and Ancon MDC systems create a continuous length of angle to support the outer leaf of masonry.

AnconOptima is a standard system where the brackets and angles are supplied as separate components. Ancon MDC systems have brackets welded to the angle and are designed to suit the specific cavity width and masonry load of a project.

Individual Brackets

Individual brackets feature short angles and are used to support masonry features such as curves or arches.


Ancon Lintels are manufactured from stainless steel and do not require any further corrosion protection. The standard range of Ancon Lintels is designed to suit the majority of loading conditions found in residential and commercial buildings.

Special lintels can be manufacture to suit architectural features, heavy duty applications and wall constructions not covered by the standard range.

Masonry Reinforcement

Ancon Masonry Reinforcement improves the structural performance of masonry walls by providing additional resistance to lateral loads e.g. wind. It also reduces the risk of cracking either at stress concentrations around openings or as a result of movement in accordance with BS5628-3:2005.

Ancon also supplies expanded stainless steel lath for the reinforcement of brick and clock in non-structural applications.


Ancon Windposts are designed to span vertically between floors to provide lateral support for panels of brickwork. They are designed to suit specific applications and are supplied complete with end connections and ties.

Shear Load Connectors

Reinforced concrete structures are designed with expansion and contraction joints to allow movement to take place. The design of the joint is important for the overall design of the structure to function correctly.

Ancon’s range of shear connectors offers significant advantages over plain dowels. These Shear Connectors are more effective at transferring load, simpler to install and ensure the necessary alignment required for movement.

The two-part construction means that the sleeve component can be simply nailed to the form work. Drilling of either formwork or concrete is not required. A Lockable Dowel is available for temporary movement joints in post- tensioned concrete.

Reinforcing Bar Couplers

Lapped joints are not always an appropriate means of connecting reinforcement bar. The use of Ancon Reinforcing Bar Couplers can simplify the design and construction of reinforced concrete and reduce the amount of reinforcement required.

Ancon couplers are only sold via approved distributors.

Punching Shear Reinforcement

The weight of a slab supported on a column induces shear stresses in the slab. These stresses, if sufficient and where additional reinforcement is not provided, would result in the column ‘punching through’ the slab. This punching shear is similarly induced in the footing on which the column bears.

Although punching shear can be relieved by localised thickening of the concrete with downstand beams and enlarged column heads, the construction of flat slabs offers many advantages. A consistent head space can reduce the overall height of a building and provide significant time and material savings.

Ancon Shearfix

This is a shear stud rail system, sometimes referred to as SSR.

Used within a slab to provide additional reinforcement around columns, Ancon Shearfix is the ideal solution to the design and construction problems associated with punching shear.

The system consists of double-headed studs welded to flat rails, positioned around the column head or base. The studs are welded to the rail at centres determined by design calculation.

Shearfix is suitable for all column shapes and is easy to install either ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’.

Insulated Balcony Connectors – Ancon Isolan Insulated and Reinforced Balcony Connectors

The Ancon Isolan system is a structural component used to join external concrete balconies to internal concrete floor slabs. It provides continuity to both the concrete reinforcement and the thermal insulation of the wall protecting the building against the effects of cold bridging.

Standard Isolan systems, comprising rigid, CFC-free polystyrene insulation and stainless steel shear reinforcement, suits most depths of cantilever and propped cantilever balconies. The various systems allow the transfer of all loads in structural concrete i. e. movement, shear, compression and tension, and are suitable for straight runs and both internal and external corners.

Ancon Isolan connectors require conventional reinforcing bars to provide the tension and compression reinforcement. When compared to systems where this reinforcement is an integral component, the Ancon Isolan solution can provide substantial cost savings and simplify specification and scheduling, transportation, on-site handling and installation.

Reinforcement Continuity Systems

Ancon manufactures three products which provide continuity of reinforcement across construction joints in concrete.

KSN Anchors – The KSN system comprises internally-threaded anchors which are cast into the wall and, during construction of the adjoining slab, accept continuation bars prepared with a Bartec parallel-thread. This is fastest and safest system.

Ancon Eazistrip System -UK CARES Technical Approval TA2-5017. Ancon Eazistrip consists of pre-bent bars housed within a galvanised steel casing. Once installed, the protective cover is removed and the bars are straightened.

Starter Bar System – Ancon Starter Bars are supplied fixed to an Ancon coupler. Once cast in concrete the coupler’s end cap is removed and a threaded continuation bar is installed with a calibrated torque wrench to complete the connection.

Tension and Compression Systems

Tie bars are increasingly being used in structures and buildings as an architectural as well as a structural element. Ancon Tension Systems have been designed to meet the demanding aesthetic requirements of today’s applications.

To complement the tension system range, Ancon also designs and manufactures Compression Systems.

Sections and Flooring

In addition to the supply of structural fixings, Ancon is a leading supplier of stainless steel sections and flooring. Stainless steel sections can be fabricated or cold formed in a wide range of shapes.

Ancon manufactures Corner Guards which offer protection to exposed edges of columns and wall in areas of high traffic.

Stainless steel floorplates and open grid flooring are ideal for applications requiring corrosion resistance, hygiene and low maintenance.